here you can download all Software*

if you need download all software please download folder: Setup All in One

X-tool.exe Setup (last version from 2021 year)

DashTool Setup version for X-TOOL

Drivers Dongle Usb Setup

Drivers for device X-TOOL Setup


Service Request Form (English version)

form is mandatory during the repair device
in the absence of a completed form - device is not repaired

Zgłoszenie serwisowe (wesja Polska)


X-Tool.exe ver 11.xx (last version from 2021 year) Download

X-Tool.exe ver 11.31 (last version from 2020 year) Download

X-Tool.exe ver 11.09 (last version from 2019 year) Download

X-tool.exe ver 10.87 (last version from 2018 year) Download

X-tool.exe ver 10.47 (last version from 2017 year) Download

X-tool.exe ver 10.11 (last version from 2016 year) Download

X-tool.exe ver 8.2 (last version from 2015 year) Download

X-tool.exe ver 7.1 (last version from 2014 year) Download

X-tool.exe ver 5.9 (last version from 2013 year) Download

If you have device more 36 month please modyfication Your device

If you need Show Modyfications Please press Modyfication!


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Professional Device for Odometer Correction