Our products are designed for education use only.
Immoobiliser login (PIN) code reading, key programming, radio security code calculation, vehicle odometer readings is not adjusted for a criminal offence.
All our software and hardware products can be used fully legally for key programming, radio code calculations, dashboard recalibration and car electronic repair.
However if you use our products for repair and rebuild stolen car radios, stolen cars, vehicle repair with the intention to defraud IT CAN BE ILLEGAL!
One that also contravenes is the trade description act. Please check regional laws and by-laws in the country of use before using our product!

Please Note!
Although there are many valid reasons for key programming, car radio decoding, changing cars odometer readings, our products will not be held responsible for any illegal misuse of these products.
We are not responsible for any cars, car radios, car electronics damages using our software and hardware products.
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The copyright for any material created by the author is reserved. Any duplication or use OF objects look for as diagrams, sounds or text in OTHER electronics or printed publications is emergency permitted without the author's agreement.
It is important to check regional laws and by-laws in the country of use before using this product!

Professional Device for Odometer Correction

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Every device that has been unpacked and unwrapped and connected to the Internet is considered used and cannot be returned


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legal grounds: D. U. of 94 No. of 24 pos. 83, correction.: Journal of Laws of 94 No. of 43 pos. 170

Professional Device for Odometer Correction